Renal Cell Questions

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My father was diagnosed with Bilateral Kidney Cancer 9 years ago. He had a partial removal of both kidneys at that time. He recently began to have trouble with his spine. The doctors discovered that the Renal Cell Carcinoma has returned. It is in both kidneys, possibly both lungs, one rib, and on his spine. They just did an embolism treatment on his spine and spinal surgery to cut out a portion of the tumor. Tomorrow he will be having more surgery to stabilize his spine. Then there is a recommendation to have one kidney removed. He does not want to be on dialysis. I am full of questions and have been finding conflicting information wherever I look. Prognosis studies do not look good, however I read some stories on this site tonight and have been inspired. Does anyone have any insight into current treatment options? Prognosis? Any bad experiences with treatment options? Suggestions on what questions we need to ask the oncologists and neurosurgeons? I appreciate any input that you can give our family. I am glad to have found this site, as other information does not sound promising. Thanks in advance for your input.