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Any suggestions on making a wig feel more comfortable?


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    Make sure you wear synthetic wigs - human hair are hard to manage; harder to keep clean. Wearing shorter wigs is best - the longer they are, the more they will blow in the wind and look dirty quicker. The wig hair should be sewn in strips, which allows for open areas that help keep it from being too hot. If you have a large head - be sure and purchase/order for a large head - not all wigs are available by size. The wig should have expandable tags on it - open them all the way up if the wig is tight - it won't blow off. If it's big, tighten them as far as they will go. You didn't say exactly what is uncomfortable, so is hard to answer. I totally forget I'm wearing a wig - I'm so used to it. Good luck.
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    It helps to wear something under the wig. Last year when it was cold, I wore a crocheted skull cap under my wig when I wore one. After a while, I just wore the little skull cap -- much more comfortable! Another trick is to cut the top off a pantyhose leg and knot one end. Then you can slip that over your temporarily smooth bald head and it will keep your wig from slipping. Also quite cheap, as you can do double duty with the pantyhose!
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    I found that the best of both worlds was a blend wig...human and synthetic hair. Easy to care for and looked quite real. I had several wigs but the blend was the only one I really wore, while the other's collected dust. It was woven in nice, even strips and allowed a lot of air circulation. My scalp showed thorough just as with my own hair. More expensive than synthetic but less so than 100% human hair wigs. (The cost was in the neighborhood of $450.00 I believe)

    I was bald during the summer months and found wearing anything at all under the wig to be too hot and uncomfortable but Fall and Winter, I'm sure, bring many more comfortable options for what to wear underneath, such as the skullcap which marysun suggested. Perhaps even a snug fitting fleece cap when it gets really cold?

    I truthfully found my wig to be "most" comfortable when setting on the dresser, as opposed to my head! LOL I only wore it when I had to dress up and had no other viable options for headgear.

    Depending upon when you're needing to wear the wig, another option is the "do-rags". They're available in a wide range of colours and styles and I have a few I wear now (well over 3 years post chemo) just because I really like them for yard work, bike riding, etc..

    Hope that may help some. If you're finding your wig seriously uncomfortable, then perhaps it wasn't fitted properly? If all else fails, try taking it back to where you purchased it for a refit and see what they say about it.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Access the Paula Young site at http://www.paulayoung.com to find the correct measurements for each size of wig. Correct size is a big comfort factor. Also on this site, you will find wig liners made of extremely stretchy breatheable mesh. These do make an appreciable difference in wig comfort as well. I purchased somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 wigs during chemotherapy, and eventually abandoned them all once summer came except when going out in public. At home, it was wigless all the way. I would go outside and sit on our front porch after dark wigless, when no one would be startled and I would not feel self-conscious. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks everyone for all the good advice. Some days I am more tolerant of the wig than others. I believe I have a good wig, but after a few hours I am very conscious of the band. I'll try loosening it. Guess I'm afraid of losing my hair! I wear the wig to work, but stick to hats the rest of the time--so much more comfortable. I just lost all my eyelashes and am considering trying some false ones--my eyes look so strange. Anyone ever tried any? Take care.