Small Cell Lung Cancer Remission

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Hello. I have limited stage small cell lung cancer that I have been told is now in remission (after chemo and radiation). I finished radiation on August 1 and had a scan a few weeks later. I felt fine until 2 weeks ago at which time my shoulder blade on the side where the tumor was is sore and hurts. My doctor doesn't think this is a reoccurance but won't do another scan yet. Has anyone else had this happen? I never had any symptoms when I was originally diagnosed but this is really frightening to me.
I'm wondering if this might be a long term effect of the radiation or is this what happens when SCL returns?


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    hi Gin51, welcome to the world of side effects, I am Mike, also small cell lung cancer, in remission two years last february.This could be caused from the radiation treatment. Don't be overly concerned because your oncologist sounds like a good one because you are in remission.My shoulder, ribs, mid-chest, feet , hands, legs and arms always hurt from one extent to another, these are from the side effects of treatment, your body was poisoned to kill this beast and this is the price we must pay to stay alive. I hope that this helps put you a some ease and I pray that you stay in remission. Hugs and prayers. Mike