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Edina, while I already posted a response to your request, I wanted to start a new topic as well to reiterate my feelings and add something. Here's what I posted:

Edina, short and sweet, find a new doctor!!!! I have zero tollerence for doctors who play God. No, the prognosis four stage iv's is not the greatest in the world, but there are plenty out there every single day that are beating or at best, managing this disease....we don't always hear from those folks, but they are there. And, there are many oncologists out there who agree and will try everything in their power to increase those success numbers.

Please, get another doctor. One who is a positive and aggressive in fighting this beast as your mom is. She needs willing and dedicated players on her team, not ones that have already posted the score!!!!!



Here's what I'd like to add: My mom diagnosed inoperable lung cancer August/September 2002 has a 5% five year survival rate...that's it. She went into remission after her first go round with chemo, but alas, the **** came back...not bad, but it did come back. Her then oncologist wanted two wait and see because since she wasn't "curable" let's buy her quality time. Well, I'm greedy and I wanted both quality and quantity for her. I took her to another oncologist at a major university cancer (at the recommendation of my husband's colon oncologist) and her new onc stated that one, there were plenty of options still available to my mom to help her meet if not exceed that five year deadline, so speak and two, no let's not wait. Let's try a clinical trial before we resort to last resort chemos and see what happens. Bottom line, while by no means cured, in the clinical trial she did have a great partial response, is considered stable, had relative good quality of life throughout the whole program and is today in Europe for five weeks visiting her sister!

How long will it last, who's to say, but the onc again reassured her that for now she is stable and if anything develops in a few months, we have other options. That's what my mom needed to hear to keep her going and most importantly to keep her spirit and the will to fight going.



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    Well said, Monika. Edina's description of the onc's attitude got me very upset. When I was dignosed 11 years ago the prognosis was not the best, but I was fortunate to have been under the care of a dedicated, always positive and supportive medical staff. They helped me enormously thru a very difficult four year battle to get this nasty disease out of my body.
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    You Go Girlfriend. I could not have said it any better.


    Try to be open to alternatives too. Please know we all will help you.