Who has gone to MD Anderson?

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Hi, I'm planning to seek treatment at MD Anderson for recurring mets, regional for the fourth time! Has anyone been there, treated there, who were your docs and what is your opinion?
Thanks for your help. Ck


  • lajohnso4
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    I live in Houston where M.D.Anderson is located and I can tell you that it is one of the best cancer centers in America. It is ranked number one in U. S. News & World Report issue dated 7/12/04 America's Best Hospital. It scored a overall score of 100 as the best cancer center in America. I feel blessed to be living in Houston where we have such a great cancer center. I am a cancer survivor,diagnosed in 2002. I did not seek treatment at M.D. Anderson because my cancer was caught at a early stage and I felt comfortable with my doctor who worked at M.D. Anderson at one time. I know that they have changed procedure as far as seeing new patients. A lot of people have come to them to receive second opinions on treatment and then return to another location to receive treatment. You must now agree to be treated at M.D. Anderson before they will see you, this is being done to relieve the number of people trying to get help at the hospital. You have chosen a great hospital and a wonderful city. You will make it through this journey. God bless you, remember you are not along.