lactose intolerance?

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I think I have developed a lactose intolerance from the AC chemo I have taken. Anyone else out there experience this? If so, did it go away once the chemo was out of your system? Thanks for any info. you can provide! Peg


  • chessie
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    Yes, I became unable to drink milk during AC. I went out and got "Lactaid" and that did help a lot and was able to use that in cereal, instant breakfast,etc. but I couldn't drink it straight. Once I stopped AC, and went to Taxol, I didn't have a problem. Also, I couldn't drink coffee while on AC (couldn't stand anything with a strong smell.) Incidentally, my doc suggested I drink gatorade for hydration, but the thought of drinking something red reminded me of the adriamycin! (so I eventually found orange gatorade..)
    Good luck!