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I am sorry to say that my mother passed away at 2:26am on Saturday, October 23. But my sister and I were blessed to have been with her at that very moment. Although this was the most difficult thing I have ever done, at least I know Mom was not suffering and that she was at peace and ready to go.

Please don't let this discourage any of you. Every situation is different. I can't go into my Mom's Stage IV colon cancer in detail right now, but only to say that she tried hard, prayers were felt from everywhere, but this was her time. She was 80 years old, never ill before in her life, and a very strong person. But I know that she is with my Dad whom she missed terribly, and many other loved ones that have passed on before.

I'm inspired to tell all of you, please cherish the moment. Being a cancer survivor myself I know how difficult it is sometimes to be positive and have hope. But even that, HOPE, the Lord provides beyond what we see or feel. Hang on to your loved ones for support - don't give up - take one moment at a time - you will get through this in the way He will help you to endure.

As always my prayers are with all of you. Continue to come here for information and support. You are in a circle of friends.




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    Monika, you have my deepest sympathy and prayers.

    Hugs Bonnie
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    Monika, I know you'll find solace in your religion. Your mom has found peace.
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    You are in my prayers, Know that she is with god and your father, and always with you.

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    Please take care of yourself. Jo
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    Monika, I am so sorry for your loss. I don't post here often, but have been following your story for months. Take some time to get your own stamina back. I know God will comfort you.