Feel Your Boobies!!

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I'm 34 and just completed my breast cancer treatment for Stage 1 cancer. My mission is to raise awareness among other young women about the the importance of self-breast exams and the result has been the 'feel your boobies' campaign. i've sold 600 tshirts in less than a month and have several fund raisers planned. check out the site and help me spread the word!


early detection saves lives,
leigh hurst


  • blkhwkwife
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    Good for you Leigh...I am 32 and recently underwent bilateral mastectomy with tram reconstruction...younger women are being ignored in some regards...thanks for all you do...I'll take a peek at your web site and I'll be sure to feel my new boobies!
  • KarenKL
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    I also am 32 had stage 3 cancer. 6 weeks out from my bilateral mastectomy with expanders put in. I start chemo in a few days. I also do what I can to tell friends and family to check themselves regularly. I checked myself and found my tumor. I also let them know mammograms don't work very well and to have an ultrasound done.
    Good luck on fund raising and I will check out your site.