CA125 in the normal range

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Hi All, just wanted to share the exciting news. My ca125 is down to 21, I am in my 5th round of topotecan and only have one more course to go. I am so looking forward to not having chemo. I was so sick yesterday and not looking forward to going again today but knowing we are getting close the end helps.

You all are so supportive and sharing. I try and read the board everyday. I am so sad to see another new name but at the same time so thrilled to read all the support and encouragement given by all of you. It is wonderful to have this place to come to.

Well I've rambled on long enough. Just wanted to post the good news! Love & Prayers BonnieRose

Remember what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.


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    Hurray!!! Keep those good numbers up! Linda
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    Such good news! I'm sorry to hear you're feeling sick between treatments, and hope you'll find it all worth it when it's behind you.

    Keep up positive thinking - I'll keep up with positive prayers for all of my friends here!
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    I am thrilled you are responding so well to the topotecan (I always think of the Aztecs or something when I hear that drug). I may be facing it myself in the next month or so. Have just finished 6 weeks of radiation therapy for a recurrent, inoperable tumor (the doc is calling it recurrent, even though it likely never went away, just got reduced with standard chemo, then began growing again as soon as I was off. So - considered platinum-resistant.) Anyway, I have 6 weeks off from everything, then a PET/CT scan on December 10th to see what's what.

    Thanks for your encouraging news, hope you feel better soon!

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    Hurray Hurray!!!!!!
    Good to hear this.
    KCB :)