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I had my left lung removed in 2001. This was followed by frozen shoulder which is better, but I still have some tingling and other odd sensations in my left breast and side. Has anyone else had this and is this just something that I will have to get used to


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    Hi, I had my upper left lung removed 9/04. And I thought it was just me. But my left side will like inflame and my left breast is always numb. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it comes back. It gets to where when I put my left arm down, I can feel the swelling. I am not sure if it is the nerves that were cut or what. But I am seeing my surgeon on 11/01 and I am going to ask him about it and then maybe I can give you an answer as well.
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    I had the upper 40% of my right lung removed in October, '02. It left me with "odd sensations" also. Strangely, it seemed that my skin was "supersensitive" and I had an inner numbness at the same time. Here I am 3 years later, and I still have some strange sensations, though they are mostly confined to a numbness about where the surgery took place inside. I asked the doctor about this again, on my last visit in early October (04) and he said that it is quite common, - so common, in fact that it has a name. The problem is that I can't tell you the name, - it escapes me. I have a copy of my medical record, and if I can find the name, I'll send it to you through this message board. However, over time, since my surgery, the skin sensitivity went away. That took about six months. That, too had a name. One point to be taken here is that if it has a name, it's probably quite common (and aggravating). My experience is that the skin sensitivity goes away with time, and the internal sensations also subside, but more slowly. The important thing????? We're both still here! Keep your doctor aware of the sensations. Best of luck.