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hello. i was wondering of course when you are feeling better if you can tell me about the procedrure you had and done. did you have to meet certain qualifications and such. where did you have it done at. plesase let me know all you can. i pray for a qucik recovery for you. take care



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    I had the procedure Friday evening and was released to go home Saturday evening. I haven't gone back to work yet, maybe tomorrow. I live outside of Portland, Oregon. The surgical oncologist, Dr. Hansen is an expert in RFA and liver tumors. He actually prefers it to resection when possible. I had the surgery at Good Sam which is in northwest Portland.

    As far as how I feel, I am starting to feel human again. I have been weaning myself off of the pain medication. It does feel like you've been hit inthe chest with a baseball bat. There are 5 incision sites.I guess 1 for te ultrasound device and the other four to zap each of the suspected tumors. The tumors ranged in size from pea to marble, however three of them were dead.

    As far as qualifications,all of my tumors were near the outside of the liver which make them easy to get to. If the tumor had been in the bile duct area, I don't think he would have done he procedure.

    I think that's it. If you have more questions, I would be happy to answer any and all that you may have. I'll check back on this posting daily.

    Take care. Mike
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    Hey girl, I have been praying and wondering about you. How are things going? I have just bought the book that emily was talking about, cancer plan. Hang in there okay?