Had RFA Friday

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Had radiofrequancy ablation for what I thought would be one tumor. Turned out to be 4, although 3 of them were probably dead and the fourth was still alive. The surgeon zapped them all and now considers me in full remission. What he said to my wife and mother after surgery was even more interesting. He said that he feels that my condition is "manageable" long term. If I do have a recurrence, even in the lungs, he can go in and ablate them also. He even implied that I could have this for 30-40 years just zapping them when they reccure. Anyway, he was very positive and for now, I'm in remission. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Mike


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    Well done, Mike! I am sure you are glad that is over. What were the effects after the procedure? You sound in great form. Good luck!
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    hey mike,
    that is great!!!!!!!!!
    keep it going !!!!!!!!!!!
    all the best
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    Hi Mike glad to hear the good news. Always glad to hear that they still have more options if something else arises. Thank God for Prayers they do work keep the faith. Livin
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    Fabulous news. It is always great to see some positive news posted esp from people with more advanced cancer. We all get so used to bracing ourselves for the worst each time a doctor goes near us it sometimes quite a shock to get good news. It sounds like it has really lifted you. Keep up the good fight and let us know how things go,
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    WOW Mike!! That is Great News! I'm sure its the the best news you've had in awhile. all the best to you! Its a great story to share. thanks!
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    Hi Mike, That is great news!!!!! It is so good to know that this beast isn't an automatic death sentence anymore. I'm so much more educated about cancer from coming to this board. You all have been wonderful. It's not good that people have to go through this, but it's good that no matter what happens, probably someone here has beeen through it and can help us get through it too. I wish you a lot of good luck and that you will never have to deal with a recurrence.
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)
  • Mike, this is fabulous....long term managability, if necessary. Super!!! My heart rejoices for you and your family.

    Monika :D
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    unknown said:

    Mike, this is fabulous....long term managability, if necessary. Super!!! My heart rejoices for you and your family.

    Monika :D

    Great stuff Mike--you keep kickin butt mate!!!!!!Meet me in tha rem. room buddy for a bit of r @ r and a coffee.
    cheers kanga n Jen
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    Great news Mike! Thanks for sharing the good news.
    Hubby had his last chemo today! Now he has to make a decision on the Avastin alone for long term. Take Care and keep us posted.