NSC Lung CA w/Brain mets & Breast CA

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Hi Everyone! I've been browsing over all of postings and the advice and hope that you give to one another is so inspiring! I am looking for some advice and recommendations for my mom and hoping some of you could help...

My mom was 44 and diagnosed with breast CA in Sept. 2002. During her preop workup, they found a 4mm tumor in her lung. It was biopsied and found to be a second primary CA, non-small cell lung CA, unrelated to the breast CA. She underwent a lumpectomy and lymph node resection in which margins were clear and all nodes were negative. About 3 weeks later she underwent a left lower lobectomy for the lung CA. She had 2 out of 5 nodes come back positive.

She went through 3 months of radiation in which they radiated the lung, the node area, and the breast. At the same time she had 12 chemo treatments that lasted for 6 months. She finished chemo last May, 2003.

If she had just had the breast CA, she would have only have had the radiation but with the lung CA and the positive nodes, the doctors recommended chemo as well. She went to Mayo twice and they suggested that she do the radiation and the chemo at the same time so that is what we did.

Now 2 weeks ago, at age 46, she had a follow-up CT scan for the lung CA. It showed 8-10 tumors in her other lung. It was biopsied and showed to be a recurrence of her nsc lung CA. She had a PET scan that showed only the recurrence in the right lung as well as positive nodes in the chest region. She was having no symptoms but the dr. ordered a routine brain MRI also. The MRI came back yesterday showing 3 tumors in her brain, the largest being 2/3 inch.

They were supposed to start chemo on Mon for the recurrence in her lung but that has been postponed so that she can meet with the radiation oncologist on Mon to discuss what type of treatment to do on her brain.

I was hoping that some of you may be able to give some recommendations of some treatments that have had success. I know that every patient reacts differently but we are just trying to find other who may know what to do, what not to do, where to go, and where not to go.

My mom has been to Mayo twice and is looking for somewhere else to get a 3rd opinion. We have heard wonderful things about M.D. Anderson in Houston as well as U of Iowa, and U of Chicago. Has anyone had any experience with these places or with the Carmonos (sp?) Cancer Institute?

Any help any of you could offer would be wonderful and much appreciated. My mom has a husband, four children, and a son-in-law who love her dearly and are standing by her to win this battle. She is a strong, beautiful person with a positive attitude and I know she can do it! Thanks to everyone,



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    Hi Melisssa,

    I have non small lung cancer stage 3A. Which has now gone to my brain. They found 4 lesions already. I did stereo tactic radio surgery on the 4 lesions. I have talked to three different doctors/radialogists and all recommended whole brain radiation along with chemo. I am in my first week of treatment. My upper left lung was removed Sept. 2004 along with several lymph nodes. The pathology report came back negative - no cancer cells anywhere.

    I hope this helps. And my prayers are with you and your family. Please keep me posted as to what treatment and how your mom is doing.

    I am also 44 - female. Don't let my name confuse you.

    Fatboy (Gini)
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    My name is Jo Ann, I'm 45 and was diagnosed in June with nsc adeocarcinoma stage lllA. Like you I was panic stricken. I look at my options and ended up at he Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa Ok. I was there for nine weeks. I had a team of Drs. A pulminologist, Oncologist, Radioligist, Nutritioist, Naturopath. They offer a lot more. While I was there I met a lot of patients that had been at MD Anderson. I have no personal experience with the facility, but those that I talked to had a bad one. They ended up coming to Tulsa. Also CTCA will fly the patient to and from Tulsa for treatment as many times as needed. At their expense. As long as your Mom has ins to cover treatment. They have guest rooms for like $30 a night, a dining room with nutritional food at very reasonable cost. It may be another option for you to look at. It is a hard decision to make.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you , your Mom and your family.
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    my friend has been very healthy.The other day she had a seizure,they found at the er she has lung cancer and 8 brain tumors.They are saying she has a 90% chance of recovery with radiation and chemo.They will not do surgery tho if anyone knows about this stuff tell me does she have a chance at coming out of this?If anyone knows please email me at monkeys77@peoplepc.com thanks to anyone who can help me.