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Hey Everyone, I just had a question about my new oncologist. My old oncologist left and it has forced me to find a new doctor. My old doctor ordered ct-scans every three months and that usually followed with pet-scan. The new doctor doesn't like to do so many scans, so he is just going to do a chest exray. I had hodgkins 1a and only had radiation treatment. Should I be okay with this, or should I think more about the scans. I finished my radiation treatment in March of 2003. Any input would be great thanks Sandi


  • Muunwilloe
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    My oncologist doesn't like to do so many scans, either. He does chest xrays, then a CT once a year. It's worked well for me. I was also 1a. You are in my prayers, and good luck with your surgery.
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    hi, stepet, you didn't say where you are in the treatment process, that may have an impact on how often CT or PET scans are done

    I can tell you my experience: before treatment one CT scan, and one gallum scan. after 4 chemos, one CT scan. after 8 chemos, one CT, one gallum, and one PET scan (my doc was switching me over from gallum to PET scans.)

    AFter treatment: CT scan and chest xray every six months for the first 3 years. then CT scan one per year, in the 4 and 5th years (plus chest xray. and then no more CT scans.
    (PS I'll hit my 5 year anniversity of DX in January...)

    good luck and the best of health to you

    Best of luck to you!