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I need to know if anyone has ever had chemo treatment with this drug (docetaxel)? We were informed that my moms lung cancer has come back just after treatments being done a little over 2 months, and has spreaded now to the front part of her right lung. Does this medication have very many side effects? Also can any help me to know whether or not this is a good sign with the cancer coming back so soon. Just a little over a month ago we were told she was 90% cancer free. Just trying to prepare myself for the worse.

Thanks and God bless all who are sick.


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    There are some good articles on docetaxel (Taxotere). I took a full course (3 doses, 3 weeks apart) after removal of my left lung (non-small cell tumor). I had no nausea. Quite fatigued but still could exercise 30 minutes per day.

    It knocks the white blood cells down, and they must recover between doses for the next one. I was ok. I was told that, when patients prove too weak for the full dose, it can be given in smaller doses at closer intervals.

    I'm now a year post-surgery and ok so far.
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    Hi, I have no personal experience with docetaxel, but, if you type that name into the search box on your web browser, you will find much information about it, including possible side effects.
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    I am new to this message board, so you might have your answers by now, but not only does my mom, 53, has non-small cell stage IV, I am also an oncology nurse practitioner.
    You can get the same result from the drug by taking every week for 3 weeks, and then taking a break for 1 week. She probably will not be nauseated, won't have body aches/pains. Blood counts will go down, so if she gets a fever you have to call her oncologist. Overall every week in small doses is easier to tolerate, so I would opt for that. It also depends on what she got as her previous regimen...
    About cancer coming back so soon: it often does. Don;t give up yet, there are some drugs out on the market that can be tried even second, third line, and some people get a good response. Hope this help, all the best. N