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Hi everyone, I am feeling a little scared today. I will know the results of my tests next wed. Little things keep creeping into my mind, you know the what if's. I had a bone morrow and blood test last week. Yesterday I had a CT Scan of the chest, abdomon and pelvic. They are looking for bone cancer. My mind is wondering and I don't even know the results. I was told that if the test comes back positive, I will have stage 4 cancer. They can give me chemo and change my hormones and a help stretch my life out. I was just so mad when I heard that. I don't want to do this again but I will because I am not a quiter, and hopefully I won't have too. Thank for listening...


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    It's natural to be scared, and here on the board is the best place to vent. I will say a prayer that you will be AOKAY, and all results will be negative! Being mad is okay too, no one should have to wait for test results, it's the ultimate evil, it plays tricks on our minds. I'm not sure what your history is, but think positive.

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    Hugs sweetie, you are not alone. All your feelings are normal. I have gone for 3 three month checkups since chemo and rad, I live in a rural area so I have to wait A WEEK to know the results from my CAT scan of chest, adomen, pelvis, etc. I don't know what to say to help you as I can't think of anything that would have taken the horriable waiting away. Just know we are out here too and you can always talk to us. Love and prayers, Julia
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    I hope knowing that all of us here are behind you will help with your anxious feelings. Stay in contact with us and others that you know. Keep talking -- and I hope you don't have to do anything again either, but if you do, we're all here anytime you need someone to listen.

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    Hi Ellison, We in this site all know the feelings you are having. I have sooooo been there too! I think the waiting is almost the worst part. When I was waiting for results -as i do everytime with every test-- it seems my life is in limbo. I often think to myself why even go to work, or get out of bed, or do anything, this time i know it is coming back for the perverbal 3 rd shoe is gonna drop this time. but each time it doesnt, and each time i get up and go to work and live in limbo for the 10 days or so till my doctor tells me im ok and i will see you in 6 months. I dont think about it much and live my life as normal for about 5 months and two weeks..lol.. then it starts all over again. What you are feeling is normal I think. Much luck you way and keep a stif upper lip -as the saying goes. Just remember you cant change the way the wind blows all you can do is adjust your sails to get to where you need to go.