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him my name is vanessa i am a daughter of one that had just me told that he has lung cancer and it is at a stage 3 at least and it might me in his a gland in his stomcah. i am only 15 years old. if any one would like to chat with me i would realy injoy that. if any of you could tell me a good way to get support and not have to leave my home cause i do not have a car with me they hace took it with them to the doctors and when they get home they are tried... i would realy like to hear from you


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    I Vanessa. I too have lung cancer that is now in remission -which means they think they got it but it may come back. I'm sorry about your relative and it is admirable that you want to help. First, you should find out what type of lung cancer it is. There are two basic types --Small Cell and Non-Small Cell. The treatment for each of these is different. A good website for you to get information from is They also offer you phone buddies that you can call and talk with about this. I think that would be a good means of support for you. Also, you can always visit this website and ask questions. Hang in there and reassure your parent that he/she can fight this disease and win.