Advanced pancreatic cancer,liver,lungs

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My mother had a whipple done 2002.She did not have chemo. 6 months ago it come back in her pancreas 2cms what is left of it. Spread to her liver not much alittle she couldint go through the clinical trials because her kidneys were bad. so they put her on gemzar through the ivy no nutrition nothing. 3months later they stoped her chemo because it spread alittle in the kidney. Doctor told her to come back to see what else they could do one month later they put her on Iressa which is for lung cancer. she was on it less then 30 days. She was in the hospitol because her legs and feet were swollen from this test she had to do for her legs high cholesteral. They at another hospitol took MRI on her back to see why her legs were swollen to see if it was a nerve the mri showed she had bone cancer that just started. The onocologist took her off her pills and said you have shadey lungs might be cancer cause it is getting worse said nothing about the bone cancer. He said she has till new years and there is nothing they can do. We are not giving up! If you have cancer or your loved one and you feel they are not doing enough or taking thier time like a month long of doing nothing,knowing the cancer spreads fast. Go somewhere else. I will be taking my mother to The Cancer Center Of America. They are going to take her for two days and go from their and if she needs to stay longer she will. One girl from there had a different kind of cancer was stage four and had 6 months to live her doctor said there was nothing else he could do. She went to cancer center of america and now it is 14 years. I pray for you all and i pray for my mom i still have hope an so does she. An sorry if i didint explain things well i just tired and really needed to let more people know their is hope and miracles even if you do have to travel. I will come back and let ya know how this place really works.