Possible lung cancer??

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In March of 2002 I had a chest X-Ray which showed some heaviness in the upper right area of my chest. From that, I had a CT scan and it was found there was a 6 X 9 mm nodule in the upper right apex. I was instructed to have another CT scan 3 months later which I did, and the results showed the same (no change). I was also told it was not calcified although I don't quite know what the significance of that is. I was told it would probably be best to check it again in 3 months, however we moved and I never got around to getting another check. About a week ago (10/14), I had a routine chest X-Ray which the radiologist (totally different radiologist in a different state) stated in his words, "there is the presence of an ill-defined nodular density in the right pulmonary apex." From that another CT scan (with contrast) was ordered which I just had done yesterday. (The results will be sent to my Doctor). I am very afraid of what will come back and I'm just trying to calm myself until I hear from my doctor which will probably take another couple days. As far as any symptoms, I really don't have any. I feel great, no noticable symptoms except for an occassional sharp pain in the upper right area of my chest about 2 " to the right of my nipple. This comes & goes and sometimes doesn't re-occur for months. I am a male, 55, former smoker (I quit 4 years ago). My question is this: are all nodules like I've mentioned always cancerous? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....


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    Hmmmm....I can't believe noone has any opinions or info about this..
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    Hi Ken,
    I'm Ernie. I am a three year survivor of nsclc, stage III.
    Over the course of my three month checkups, I had a CT scan which revealed "a mass" in my lower abdomen. This was observed in subsequent CT scans. According to my oncologist, the "mass" isn't growing, and "that's good". He feels that this is good because cancer doesn't just sit there, - it grows. If it's not growing, it's probably not cancer. HOWEVER, that is, of course, up to your doctor, in your case. I'm just passing along my experience.
    I'll be praying.