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How do you know if you are fertile after having ABVD? Do you just have to wait and see or the return of your menstrual cycle enough of an indicatior?


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    That's a good question - I didn't have ABVD, but my cycle returned normal the following month and, what I think is the largest indicator, my night sweats have stopped (oncologist said that that was a sign of temporary menopause) I go to the dr weekly to get my warfarin level checked, so I will ask - I am kinda wondering too.

    :) Lisa
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    hi...I had ABVD (among others) 6 years ago, and I pretty much had to take a wait and see approach. But I now have a beautiful 1 year old daughter who was conceived via artificial insemination on the third cycle with no meds or hormones. Good luck!
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    My oncologist told me that age is a huge factor. In her experience...women in their 20s will have no problems, women in their 30s will most likely be OK, and women in their 40s will most likely be thrown into early menopause. I was 41 and she was right as far as my case goes. As far as the night sweats that someone else mentioned. Yes that can be a sign of menopause, but it was also a B symptom of my Hodgkins. The night sweats from the disease were top to bottom - gotta change pajamas - kind of sweating. The menopausal sweats were just my upper body - I'm so warm that I want to rip all my clothes off - kind of sweating.
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    Absolutely no problem with fertility after AVBD. Was pregnant within a year and a half. Much to my doctor's displeasure. Never lost my cycle, though. From a study I was involved in concerning fertility, I don't believe AVBD are some of the really bad fertility killing chemos. I was 23 during my AVBD routine.
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    Thanks for all the great replies. I feel much better!
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