New here, Mom just diagnosed stage IV

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My mom was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma lung cancer with mets to the liver (One spot) She will be begin treatments this week Carb/Taxol. If the tumors shrink she will be a canidate for surgery. Is there any survivors of this cancer? What is she up against? Is adenocarcinoma slow growing cancer. Her tumors are both 3cm. Searching for answers.....


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    my dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer e-mail at
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    See previous post above.

    My prayers are with you.

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    Hi there- I am new to this cancer site-you may have just reached the right person--1 year ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ademocarcinoma -- non smalll cell lung cancer that spread from my lungs to liver and right hip bone.
    My prognosis was not good. I also went on IV chemo taxol and carboplatin but it made me very ill--and I had to stop-taking it-it was not improving my cancer--then my brothr who lives in California heard about a revolutionary new CHEMO PILL yep its called Iressa and its made in Cheshire England it has only been on the market for 1 year and the first reports on its succes with people with non small cell lung cancer will be be published sometime this month. My brother flew here to Chicago and took me and my records and numerous cat scans mris etc etc to a major teaching hospital who were familiar with Iressa and told me they thought it might work on me. Guess what aftr just 3 months on this pill-I take it every day--I had MRIS etc and the cancer in my liver is completely gone. I had 28 radiation treatments to
    my hip and cancer is pretty well zapped there-there is just minimal activity--as far as lungs they see some fluid but I know my breathing has improved. I feel great I look great and what a miracle drug Iressa is. The cost is approx $1300 a month. I think your local oncologists may be hesitant to tell you about this pill as it is so new. If so march yourelf to the nearest teaching hospital near your home they may be able to prescribe this to you. This pill does not affect your red or white blood cells, you dont become anemic, I didnt loose my hair--it doesnt cause fungal infections regular IV chemo causes--I am still being treated by a podiatrist for the severe fungal infections I got in my feet from IV chemo. The only side affect I got from Iressa was acne-lasted 2 months and a bit of diarhea. sometmes you get a rash.
    Hope this information helps you and others