Brachy radiation therapy

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Hi finished treatment July 2nd , has anyone out there had the treatment with the catheter? I have burning flashes still inside. somedays more than others. I was wondering if this is normal? I feel like I'm being paranoid and don't want to call my doc. for nothing.


  • DeeNY711
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    I honestly do not know the answer to your question, but please never hesitate to call the doctor and describe what is happening. Sometimes you are not told what to possibly expect because no one wants you to be influenced by the power of suggestion, but the entire process would be a lot less stressful if possible effects were discussed beforehand. Your doctor is there to help you through this as much as to direct treatment. Call Friday because you do not want to spend the entire weekend worrying for nothing.
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    Brach Nov 19 still some burning from time to time. Scared me too but seems to be getting better. I am now five months into the treatment and notice that I have more trouble urinating on and off during the day or night. Do you know if the condition will get better as the radiation dies down say in 1 year? I am taking Terazosin 20 mgat bed time which helps but taking more asrecommended drops my blood pressure too much.100/66