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Thanks for leaving me an email. Here is an update As per your request :-)

Well, I feel terrible on the Carbo only. Not sure why but the Onc is giving me a pretty high dose. I have had 3 rounds of Carbo and my numbers are lowering; although not as fast as I would like. They rose to 190 and were down to 87 after two treatments. I am just recovering from tx number 3. I will not get CA125 until I go in for the next round. He had to lower the dose back to 600 mg because it was effecting my bone marrow. I was getting 700 mg.

I feel like a cry baby, but gosh I am so tired I can stay in bed all day. One day I slept for 15 hours straight. I feel bad for my hubby. He is lonely but I just am exhausted.

I dont want to eat for at least 6 days after chemo but I force down a little so as not to get sick.

I hope you are all doing good. Sorry for not posting much. I promise to do better!

I am going to the shore in NC at the end of the week and I hope the beach will restore my energy.

I will check back in after I get back from vacation.

Bonnie, thanks again for your concern. Also a special hello to Ground Effect.



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    Hello, Sandi!

    So good to hear from you on the board!

    I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough go of it with your current chemo, and that you're having a tough time eating. Maybe the beach food in NC will help restore you, and the higher ozone there will help your mental processes.

    Have fun, and give us a line when you come back!

    I've missed hearing from you.
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    So good to see you. Sorry the carbo is hitting you so hard, I pray it is hitting the cancer even harder. I think our bodies are just so wore out from the previous chemos that it is harder to rebound. May you find rest, joy and some desirable food on your trip. May God bless this time you are away with a renewed strength.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing, when you can, and know you are only a prayer away. I still remember how kind and supportive you were to me when I first came to this board. You are quite a special lady in my book.

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    I sent you an e-mail about your beautiful doggies, didn't realize you are in the midst of another round of chemo. Hope the beach was just what you needed. Where do you go? I also love the beach as much as I love my dogs, depend on annual visits for rejuvenation. We go to Sunset Beach.

    Hope you are feeling much better.