Lump that doesn't show on an ultrasound

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Hello all, just a note to let you all know that the biopsy came back on my lump, that I was sure I felt was something and the doc's didn't think it was anything to worry about, and it didn't show on an ultrsound and it didn't show on a mommogram either. It was called a benign lipoma. It is discribed as a bunch of fatty cells all lumped together in a fibrous case of sorts, hence the lump. It can come in bunches, which would explain the other lumps we can feel, and it can in time grow. So the fact that it was removed was my only real option, because if it would have grown, I would have flipped I'm sure. Anyway, the doc's were right this time, but I still believe someone should have thought, other than me, that removing it was the only thing to do in the first place. Hope this experiance has helped ease the mind of someone wondering what their lump may be. Do not hesitate to get it checked out, because all lumps are "something", just not necessarily cancer!! God Bless All, Amelia


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    Wonderful news. Smart gal who have it all checked out. God Bless. Linda