Bloody Stools

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Sorry that might be a little disgusting to you all but I'm 21 years old, fairly healthy and I have been having bloody stools off and on. I don't know what my problem could be. It could be nothing I don't know. My concern is that it could be a cancer of some form but from the information I've been reading I'm way too young for that. Any Ideas?


  • Andy5
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    See a gastrologist doctor to have them take a stool sample immediately.
  • desertdreamer
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    My only sign or symptom of anal cancer was blood on my stool on and off. Absolutely go to a gastroenterologist and insist on a colonoscopy!!! I was 40 when I was diagnosed and no one thought it could be cancer either because I was "too young". After you go, please let me know how things turned out.