lump that doesn't show on mammogram

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Hi all, I wrote earlier about my lump that didn't show on an ultrasound or a mamm. After all 3 docters said, it was nothing to worry about, but we'll take it out if you want, I had it removed today. I was awake at the time and it was wierd, but painless. He showed it to me and it looked like a glob of yellow fat with some red veins in it. He said that he would be shocked if it turned out to be cancer, and I have to agree with him, it looked like something you find while cleaning chicken, yech!! I remember seeing the one that was cancer, at least I think I do, it was a bit foggy on that one, but it had a lot of prickly type bumps all over it. I should know by Tuesday what this bump was. One thing I know for sure it is GONE and I don't have to worry about it anymore!! Thanks to all who replied and set my mind at ease that I'm not being stupid for going against what the Docters say!! God Bless each and every one, Amelia


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    Amelia, I am so glad that you got that behind you and I know that seeing it and feeling that it did not recognize your last one,which was cancer, has to be a relief. Congrats! Jan
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    I'm glad you opted to have it removed - your mass description sounds just like the one I had removed last week - diagnosed as benign fat necrosis - yellow and loosely clumped - my cancerous tumor was decribed as greyish/orange, tightly clumped with spiculated points.

    This sounds like very good news, Amelia - Congratulations! Donna Jean
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    Good to hear you had it removed, but don't get to excited yet. I never knew what color mine was,but either way it is hard to really be at total ease until you know the results. My fingers are crossed for you that it is nothing.