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I haven't been around much since the last year has been turned upside down with the loss of an Uncle I adored and my mother inlaw just a couple of months later two days before Christmas.
It seems so long ago now that I came to this site looking for those like myself, after a long battle with my stage 3 bc and the side affects from all treatments that has taken years to cope with. But I am here and finally coming with my life together and the quality of life I have been praying for. I am here to say don't give up and do all you can for yourself so that somewhere down the line you will be able to enjoy having a life before you. We all have to come to terms with all the changes and finding the new norm and let me ask you, Couldn't it be better? I have found that what I did before my cancer fight was not working and now I have found a whole new way to live and believe it or not more physical than it has ever been. I maybe in better shape than I have ever been in just with a few less parts, two breasts.
Hang in there and be good to yourself always,
be willing to try something you never have before,
you just might like it.
I also want you all to know in the last year I also lost my job but have found it only has opened the door of endless options, a chance to find what it is I truly want to do not Have to do.
Love to all,
I think about this place and you all often
I hope the computer will be set up at home soon.
Til then,


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    Amen Sister! So glad you're doing better. Hope to chat soon!
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    Thank you for posting that. What a beautiful and hopeful post!

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    Hi..I wasn't around before so I have not had the pleasure to read your posts, but, appreciate you taking the time to celebrate surviving with us all. It gives us all hope. What a beautiful thing..Jan
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    Hello, I'm so tired of breast cancer but I guess we call are. I just completed treatmet my hair just started to grow back and now I'm having new pain inthe treated breast. What a drag.I guess I'll call today to make an appointment. This is so scary. I hate the thought of continually havind to look at my own mortality. It ishard to plan and hard to hope. This is such a lonely journey. I guess i'm depressed tonight.