the wound just won't heal

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my dad had surgery on July 30 to remove a tumor from the right colon. Well 2 months + later, the wound is still not healing properly. FOr the past 2 weeks he has had a nurse come out and pack the wound but still it looks pretty bad. It's been infected 2x already! He is seeing the surgeon today and I'm praying they won't stop the chemo. He just got done round 2 of leu/5fu/oxy with 10 more to go and he seems to be doing fine with it and obviously he just wants the treatments done and over with, so it would be ashame if they stopped the treatments now.

Anyone out there have or had a similar experience.




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    Hi Susana.

    Sorry for what dad is going thru. Unfortuately I don't really have any advice. Perhaps a second opinion on the wound?

    You and your dad are in my prayers.