Survivors with Lump Problems

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I am a survivor for 16 years. In the past year I have developed a lump near my surgical area. Had all the testing to find out it is not cancer. It hurts whenever I do too much (which is just about everything, smile), want to know if any other survivors are experiencing problems with these lumps. Someone in Va has a swelling in her upper arm which is so bad she cannot lift it. If you are a survivor and have experienced any problems like this, with or without success, please let me know. Been to many mds with no success in decreasing the size or removing it. On much meds now and still experiencing pain.
Can you identify?


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    Hi..I had a tram flap reconstruction and I still have some issues with lumps and hard places that are painful. My surgeon has me in at least monthly so that he can monitor them, not because he thinks they are malignant but, in case he will need to remove any more tissue. I had surgery 8 mos ago.

    I get confused as to how my cancer would return since I was told it would return in the scar line most likely. That area is so lumpy and weird anyway. Has anyone had a recurrance that has had a mastectomy in the area of breast removal, with or without reconstruction? What was it like?

    Thanks so much Jan