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I'm wondering how many other semi-colons are on celebrex, and if they are getting flu-like side effects and/or chest/throat conjestion. ? Also what does your doc/Onc say about the possibilities of this Cox-2 inhibitor killing your cancer? bud


  • Bud, Dr. Lenz put Bert on it when we first hooked up with him in January...and he's still on it. No side effects...at least not any like flue symptoms. Dr. Lenz says that it has proven to help prevent colon polyups in clinical trials. That's the only comment he ever really made but if he put Bert on it, he obviously believes in the stuff and that's good enough for me.

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    Hi again Bud, I just wanted to say that as far as tumors being cox-2 dependent, they have to test positive for EGFR ( I think ). So in other words, if you don't then Celebrex would not potentially inhibit new tumors from forming.....It has been proven, however, to prevent new colon polyps from forming in all patients, I believe.
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    My husband has been taking Celebrex since January - no side effects noted. He started Erbitux in late April and is getting great results. I don't know if the Celebrex contributes to the success of the Erbitux - his oncologist doesn't believe Celebrex has any effect, but something's working pretty good. The lung mets have grown only very slightly - like 1 or 2 millimeters since late April - before then, they were rapidly getting bigger. Based on reports from the clinical trials, it doesn't seem Erbitux was this effective by itself, so personally, I think the Celebrex helps, even if the oncologist doesn't believe in it.
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    Bud -

    Same Same as Monika/Bert/No-type/NED...

    They put me on it primarily for arthritis I developed post-chemo, but they also said it will inhibit polyps from forming. I asked where the heck he and hi Celebrex were years before when I first developed the stuff!

    I suspect those flu-like symptoms are becuase you live in Alaska, bro, me down here in the Spanish Main - I feel great!

    - Bob