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Hello everyone. First, thanks for sharing so much. I am new to the site. My Father is diagnosed with Squamous Cell, mostly in the nasal and sinus areas. First PET tomorrow. Dr's say that surgery is not an option as it would be too damaging to facial struture.

He just learned of this last week and is currently in the "why fight it" stage as he believes the treatment will be worse than the disease. Dr's told him 1 year if he does nothing. I am looking for survivor stories--those with the same type of cancer and in same location--to share with him. I've read some of your stories, and again thank you for sharing!!



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    Please tell your dad not to give up! The treatment is difficult for most, and is a long road but he can do. My friend diagnosed with stage 4 SSc of the throat. The tumor is on his tonsil.He had to have afeeding tube in his stomach.He is only 38 years old.He is the biggest baby i know and he finished tx July 16.He had a scope done on Friday, the doc sees no signs of cancer.Praise God!Tell your dad he can beat this!If you have questions, please ask!
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    I learned that I had SCC 10-23-04 when the biopsy on a swollen lymph node indicated nasopharyngeal carcinoma with occult primary. Does your father yet know for certain where his primary is located? Mine was not found until 11/2/04 when I had a panendoscopy (three scopes look in nasal area, down esophagus, and down into lungs...). At that time they discovered that mine was on my left tonsil. I believe they removed the tonsil and they did a neck dissection and removed all my left side neck lymph nodes. As soon as I recover from the surgery, I will start radiation, and probably chemotherapy. I am a 54 yr male, otherwise in good health. As a matter of fact, until the swollen lymph node, I had no symptoms at all. In my case, the various doctors tell me that my treatment should be "definitive", in other words, they believe they can cure it, completely. Have your father's doctors indicated whether his is treatable?
    (this is my first posting on this site... I hope this is helpful to you... and good luck and prayers for your father...)