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HI well we did a MRI yesterday too see if brain tumors where gone or not and they are not they havent growen but they didnt go away either the just mainted .So i fell like i did Radition for noithing.there is one drug they can put me on but cant rember the name of it all probally get more info when i see oncologist on thursday when iam in doing chemo.I am not sure if i am going to do it though this might be where i say enough.will keep everyone posted.Bunnie


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    They didn't grow so that's good, so maybe it wasn't for nothing. Keep your spirits up, your an inspiration to us all. Keep us posted on your progress with the new drug if you take it. Bless you.

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    Hi Bunnie,
    I am really sorry you didn't see a reduction in the tumors. At least they didn't get bigger or they didn't find more- but I know that doesn't mean much when you wanted them GONE.
    Did you have Gamma Knife Radiation? I hear that is very successful.
    The thought of a new chemo must really be bad. I am so so sorry.

    But I will tell you that I knew one girl who had several brain lesions and she was on Gemzar and Paraplatin and she saw a significant improvement. They actually got much smaller and some didn't show up anymore on MRI.
    I know everyone reacts to drugs differently but I thought you would like to hear what her protocol was because it helped her.
    I pray that you get a break. I hate this damn disease- I don't want any more pink ribbons- I want a cure or HUMANE treatment for it.

    May God be with you Bunnie.
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    Dear Bunnie, Never surrender! I know it is discouraging not to see improvement, but your cancer hasn't gotten worst and that IS improvement! It has helped me alot to use meditation, prayer and attitude to fight my mets. Maybe it hasn't made any measurable changes yet, but I feel better and am able to enjoy my life again. We can influence the quality of our life, even if we can't change its course. Find out your options and make a choice you and your family can live with. Remember, it is all in God's hands!
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    Hi Bunnie

    I'm sorry that the tumor is not completely gone. I wish that for you. Please don't give up. Something like this new drug you mentioned may have a more positive effect on the tumors. I wish you all the best and will send strength to you. Wimpy
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    I'm so sorry that you didn't get the news you wished for. I have always heard that brain mets can take months to shrink and go away. Like the others have said at least they are not bigger. Please ask your doctor how long it usually takes for them to actually go away. There are 2 other procedures...gamma knife and stereoactic.

    Bunnie, please go to this website and write a post for "christine" she had brain mets over 4 years ago and knows a lot about them. It would be worth your time. You continue to be in my prayers Bunnie...were fighting this disease together.



    post to Christine
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    ((((((Bunnie)))))) All the trials that you are facing break my heart. You are an inspiration for me and all of us. I send you my love and best wishes for a successful alternative treatment and I am so glad that there has been no growth. That is great news. Hang in there sweet girl. Love Jan