surgery 10-27

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my daughter had a liposarcoma removed 9-2003 now will be having a titanium rod and pins inserted into femor bone that was weakened by 35 weeks radiation. the surgery is scheduled 10-27.keep her in your thoughts please.


  • almo
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    Just found out that this is what I have as well. Going in for a wide excisaion tomorrow. Is this extensive radiation normal for liposarcoma?
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    Hope your daughter's surgery was a success. May I ask where your daughter's liposarcoma was located? My husband just had surgery (extensive wide excision) for a myxoid liposarcoma of the right lower thigh. The first surgery was back in August when they thought they were dealing with a benign tumor. On September 10, we were told that this was not the case. He is scheduled for radiation in a few weeks. Has your daughter decided on chemo? we have heard that doctors really do not even know if chemo works for this type of cancer. Our Oncologist has told us they would use MAID for this type. I am at such a loss with all of this. I never imagined we would ever be hit with something like this. We are both in our mid 30's with two small girls. Its hard to know what to do. I am trying to be strong, but some days are really hard. Will keep your daughter in our prayers.