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hello to all.i hope this doesn't turn out to be too long but i could use some prayers.i just got out of the hospital after being there six days for a bowel obstruction.the surgeon i was dealing with said that he felt it was because of scar tissue at the resection site or a twist in the intestine and that the only way to find out was to open me up and take a look which he didn't want to do.after 4 days of having an ng tube in me,things started moving and i got better.when my oncologist came to see me on tuesday,he thought that it was because of the tumor in my colon that has reocurred.he is not real happy with the results of my three chemo treatments involving 5fu/leucovorin/oxy so he ordered a ct. scan today to see if there has been any progress from the previous ct. scan.(i had a sig done which showed no change in the tumor in my colon.i'm also dealing with cancer on one of my kidneys,the adrenal gland,and a lymph node.)if there isn't progress,he's going to change my chemo medicine.the surgeon doesn't think it's chemo related because typically
if it was,the obstruction would have continued and things would'nt have started moving again.i am once again asking for words of encouragement and prayers that my ct. scans show that there has been some progress and that i can stay on course with my treatments.thank you so much and may god bless all cancer patients and their caregivers.


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    You are certainly in my prayers tonight and throughout your journey with this disease. Please keep me posted on your progress.

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    You are in my prayers. I hope everything turns out well. Livin
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    Hello Lawleete,
    My husband who has been diagnosed with Stage IV CC is now in the hospital with bowel obstruction also and with an NG tube. They have done xrays and will now do a barium enema to try to diagnose what is going on.

    He's been in there for a month with this bowel obstruction. There has been some progress but not enough. It's too early to tell what the current regime of Folfiri is doing yet but they have said they are thinking the current bowel problem can be an illeus from the chemo or more adhesions from past surgery. They have also mentioned involvement of the cancer that interferes with the nerves in the colon and intestines. I'll keep you might give you ideas. I know this is rough on's been rough on him. Thank god you've had progress indicated on your CT scans. God bless.

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    lawleet, you are certainly in my prayers.Ive been on folfox since april & just started radiation,. my radiologist told me that the biggest risk of radiation is a bowel obstruction because it can increase the stickeyness of the scar tissue from the resection. im very paranoid about it. good luck w/ your cat scan. hang in

  • Lawleete, so sorry about the difficulties that you are encountering but please do know that you are in my prayers for good reports only. Stay the course and keep hanging.

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    Dear Lawleete,

    You will be at the top of my prayer list.

    I, too, had a bowel obstruction during my treatment, so I know how difficult that is.
    In fact, it actually happened twice during my Folfox treatments. On both occasions my bowels starting working on their own. However, my surgeon said if it happened again I would have to have surgery. So far, it has not.

    I pray that your scans will show that the chemo is working and that you can continue with your treatments. Please let us know how things are going.

    Thinking of you,


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    I will certainly be praying for you and hope the comments above will help. Everyone is different but chemo and radiotherapy as well as effects from resection can cause blockages. My husband had a bad one late last year and it was attributed to the effects of chemo/radiation, helped too by the need for morphine for bladder spasms ( an added complication) He was admitted and they hoped it would resolve itself, which it did in a few days. I hope yours does the same.

    I do wish you the best...obstructions do seem to be a common occurrence in colo-rectal patients.
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    lawleete -

    you know that by having an obstruction you're breaking one of the semi-colon codes of conduct; you're being anal retentive. That's not supposed to happen. You hang in there and know that you are in my - and everyone's - thoughts and prayers.

    - SpongeBob
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    you are automatically included in my prayers, because I pray for anyone and everyone on this site
    daily... Bud