Woe.... my expander is making me nuts!

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I had the mastectomy and expander done 2 weeks ago. The drain messed up after a week and the doc removed it. I went through another couple of appts with the doctor squeezing/needling more drainage material out of me. YOUCH! Anyway, by my 3rd visit the doc reinstalled the drain. It seems to be doing it's job. But a red blush has now developed over parts of the breast. Egad! When will this thing just settle down and act like it belongs? The doc has me back on antbiotics so I don't think I'm infected. I'm just sick of looking at the doc, and wish this thing would jsut behave. Any stories would be helpful.


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    The keyword that will help you through this vexing period of time is: temporary. It is temporary. Just a step along the way to a happier outcome. Eventually, it will all be worth it.