To LisaT Regarding Dr. Lenz

Hi Lisa. Yes, Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz is at USC and we are damn glad to have him. He came highly recommended from a colon cancer patient that I met in another support group who swears that she would not be hear today if it wasn't for this man...that's how much she trusts him. Now that's not to say that Dr. Lenz works miracles, but in all honesty, I think he's one of the best gastrointestinal oncologists out there today. He also participates in many clinical trials, heads up a research department, and works extensively with the City of Hope and yet every time we see him, he makes the time for us...he's funny, patient, super hyper and all the while never looses perspective of the seriousness of this disease. He kind of reminds me of doctors that you see portrayed in movies but don't think really exist...well they Dr. Lenz. He's also affiliated with some great surgeons and just a wonderful medical staff.

I suppose from the above you can tell that both Bert and I are very grateful to have him in our court. He was also the oncologist who I spoke to about my mom's lung cancer and how her current onc just wanted to "wait and see." He immediately referred to me two or three lung oncologists and today my mom, while not curable, is holding her own and will be off to Europe, God willing, October 26 for five weeks!!! Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!!