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My husband finished his post op chemo (Xeloda) two weeks ago. Dx w/rectal cancer Oct. 03, surgery to remove tumor Feb. 04. Transanal Excision surgery (removal of tumor only)...
Anyway, he saw his surgeon today and he said everything felt good and that he wants to do a colonoscopy in the next two weeks and again every 6 months for two years. Is it the norm to have a colonoscopy this soon after surgery/post op chemo? Has anyone on this board had a tumor removed and not had a colostomy as a result?
Naturally we are about to panic about what the colonoscopy might show, but we pray for good results.
Please pray for us that my husband is cancer free..
All of you are in our prayers daily.
God Bless...


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    Hiya Kaye from OZ. I had surg. Aug. 03. I had stage 2 with removal of colon(removed descending to rectum/sigmoid area) I started 6 months 5fu/leuc. in late sept. 03. I did not have a colostomy. My first colonoscopy was done 1 month into chemo in october 03.
    The main reason for the colonoscopy so close to surgery was so the specialist could see how the colon join was progressing. No nodes were detected with cancer although the cancer went thru the bowel wall. I now have bloods done every 3 months and ultrasound of my liver and other organs 6 monthly. My next colonoscopy will be early 05. In some ways I am concerned that this gap of colonoscopy's is too long however my surgeon said the blood tests would be a good indicator and bowel cancer in my case was not fast growing. He is more concerned about mets. to my liver--that is what they concentrate on checking.
    I have heard that it depends on the aggressive nature of the cancer found. Mine was thought to have been slowly growing since 97--however back then they did not do a colonoscopy because bleeding was thought to be caused by haemharroids!
    I WAS lucky!-----At least it was found early enough.
    I think that your hubby's coming colonoscopy is worthwile--but I don't think you should get too concerned Kaye. Have faith that the test will be clear--I am sure he will be ok.
    luv n huggs from kanga n Jen
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    I personally am a big supporter of colonoscopies. They really are the best way to detect colon cancer the earliest. Not having a colostomy (you are very lucky there) will make the test ever more thorough. I would not think twice about the having the test, especially since surgery was over 6 months ago. The relief you will feel after the positive results will be worth it!!!!

    The test is a piece of cake (he will be out), but the prep stinks!!!

    I am praying for you both!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    I had stage II rectal cancer and had surgery in July, 2003. I had colonoscopy done in Jan, 2004 and cancer had recurred, so it was good that they did it that soon. I had pre surgery chemo and radiation and then resection and permanent colostomy in May, 2004. So....the closer they keep an eye on him, the less I'd worry. I wish you both good luck and you are in my prayers.
    Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)