Has anyone noticed a change in their eye sight

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I had cancer 13yrs ago and went through a total of 6 months of chemo treatments and a new breastcancer last year and a total of 4 chemo treatments and my eyesight has changed has any one else noticed a change in eyesight due to chemo treatments . I'm trying to find out if chemotreatments affects changes in eyesight but I don't know what to look under or where to look for my answer.


  • SusanAnne
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    Hi Marilyn. I have noticed that my eyes are much more sensitive to light than before, but it's nothing that polarized sunglasses can't help. I had my vision tested and it's unchanged. The nurse at my support group is always telling us that our eyes should be checked because, yes, chemo does affect the eyesight. Definitely go for a checkup and mention your treatment to the dr. Hope all goes well.

  • wildangel
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    Yes, my eyes are more sensitive to light too. And I also developed a retinal blood clot behind my left eye. The doctor tells me that cancer and chemo changes the viscosity ( sp?) of the blood. I had had superficial blood clots in my arm from the node removal but this is a more serious blood clot. My symptoms were a smudge thing infront of that eye. Like I had on glasses and there was a big fingerprint on them.
    I am on Plavix now and am told I have to be on it indefinitely. The clot has not gotten any worse. If it does I might lose the vision in that eye. So the Plavix is keeping it stable.
    Check out everything that doesn't seem right. Chemo can also cause hearing loss too! Funny how no one metions this stuff isn't it?
    Good luck to you!
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    I don't know your age, houndog, but everyone I know over the age of 40, regardless of health,has eyesight problems. Dry eyes, bifocals and light sensitivity are pretty common, but definitely get your eyes checked and tell the eye doctor (not optomitrist!) all the medication you are on.
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    My near vision got noticeably worse when I was on taxotere for chemo. Now, a year later, I'm noticing another big change in near vision. My onc thinks it's not treatment related but is probably age (I just turned 50 this year). I'm sure age is part of it, but this has not been a gradual change, but rather a dramatic change in a short amount of time.
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    My vision has gotten worse since chemo. My eye doctor told me that this is common. What bothers me even more is how dry my eyes are now, which he also blames on the chemo.