Need to understand the symtoms and affects of leukemia

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I'd really appreciate some people's responses on this if that's alright. Well, In our school play i've been given one of the leads a 17yr old girl with leukemia named Joanna. There are parts where Joanna becomes very ill and collapses and I'd just like someone to tell me, if possible, what its like to have leukemia, how things hurt physically and emotionally. It would be a great help, as i know this would be such a hard situation to be in i'd really like to know the 'truth' about it all, if you will. Thanks So Much


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    I'll address some of what you asked about right now. If you need or want more insight please feel free to email me at Try running you hardest and fastest till you even have troubles walking, that nausea and debilitating fatuge is what is hinted at in your play. Part of the reason for this is because Cemo kills good cells and bad. Therefore your body does not get the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Meanwhile drugs like Prednisone (a steroid used in treatment) leave you weaker still but with an insatiable hunger. Overlapping that are what are referred to as phantom pains which feel like someone randomly pokeing you with a stick. Add on adramatically fluctuating weight, sudden loss of hair, frequent trips to the hospital, a daily regime of pills/sometime shots,and questioning wether or not you are going to see tomorrow and you will begin to understand the life of a leukemia patient. Im sorry if this sounds angry it is not. Im just trying to give you the best picture I can. BTW I was diagnosed at 2 and 8, I am now 22.