Oxiliplatin and 5FU

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Started Wed. getting Oxy and 5fu every other week for 5 mths. Had 5fu before with not much problems but has anyone had many problems with the Oxiliplatin mixed with it ?


  • LindaJean
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    I have had 10 treatments, 2 to go of 5fu, leucovorin and oxy. I get treatments every other week and have the 48 hour drip of the 5fu. You wouldn't know I was having treatment if you saw me. I have been very fortunate with little side effects. I have continued working through all of this missing 6 - 8 hours of work the week of treatment. The first 2 treatments did make me really tired and I still get a little tired for the 3 days of treatment, have had some tingling sensation in my fingertips with cold, but not too bad. I will be glad to get it behind me. Good luck with your treatment!
  • Pewter
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    I had a combination of alternating 5F/U and oxaliplatin and 5F/U CPT-11. The oxaliplatin was much more tolerable to me than the CPT-11, but by most standards, both were relatively easy. It was probably the 5F/U that caused most of the symptoms in both cases. If you tolerated the 5F/U alone, you should do fine with oxaliplatin.

    Cold induced neuropathy and jaw pain were the two most notable side effects. The jaw pain would be sudden and intense, but only last for one chew, and only did not occur after the "first bite" after treatment. The neuropathy wasn't exactly painful, but was bothersome. No cold drinks or ice cream (my favorite comfort food), and the symptoms resolved a few days after treatment. They say the effects are cumulative, and tend to max out at about 10-12 treatments. I never had that problem, and everything is back to normal since treatments are over.

    I managed to work full-time through all of chemo, though I certainly did nap frequently ( an activity that I was not used to). Energy levels were totally back to normal by about two months after chemo was done. If you can push yourself to exercise (even walking) during chemo, do so - it makes a big difference.

    Bottom line, everything about chemo was made better by my ability to imagine a cancer free life afterward. Use your down time positively by just cuddling with your kids.

    Hope all goes well.