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Hi All,
I am one year out from my last chemo. Last year my husband and three of my 4 kids did the race for the cure in my honor. This year (last weekend) I joined them It felt GREAT!!! I'm glad to have this past year behind me. It felt great to feel good enough to be in this years race in Toledo Ohio. This was there 11th year and there were 14,000 participants. Just wanted to share hope, one year later I feel pretty good, despite the mono and frozen shoulder and bone spurs it's not Bone METS so Halleluiah!!!! Hugs to all my sisters!,


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    Congrats to you,Lynne!!! Keep doing things you enjoy and keep that great attitude.

    Isn't it amazing what becomes "not so bad" after cancer and its treatment??!! That's perspective for us! The way I see it, we fought very hard to win our perspectives so the least our perspectives can do is serve us well!

    Hugs and best wishes.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi iam so happy for you. glad your in such high spirts hope things contuien going well for you.Bunnie
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    So glad to hear your great news. It is wonderful that you are doing so well and may things continue to go great for you!! wimpy
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    Congratulations on one year out and doing the race for the cure with your family. It's always good to hear positive news too! I'm six months since my last chemo. I'm feeling joint and muscle pain on top of my arthritis but like you said at least it's ont Bone METS!

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    (((Lynne))) congratulations!! I cannot wait to get to the one year. I am 7 mos and counting. I am so thrilled for you.
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    I know what you mean. I was diagnosed in January of this year, so the entire year has been nothing but cancer, cancer, cancer. I just now finished up with radiation. I had all my tests, and right now I'm looking at cancer free. Still though, I find myself looking forward to "next" year, just so I can say I've put this year behind me. I'm new to the board, but I just wanted to tell everyone how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. You are all truly inspirational, and everyone is so willing to share their individual experiences, etc.