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Has anyone else been on dex and if so did you have a problem with insomina? and then once of dex like i am how long did it take before you started sleeping normal again? thanks in advancie for your input. Bunnie.


  • Ronee33
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    Yes, I was on dex. Yes, I had trouble sleeping. And for me, I was sleeping within days of finally being finished with chemo. My worst problem with dex was constipation.
  • krisrey
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    Hi Bunnie,
    I definately had insomnia when I was on dex... I think it took a little while to get out of my system, hopefully you will get some good nights sleep soon. Once you get some good sleep you will begin to feel stronger and more like yourself. I really hated being on dex...too it made me feel horrible!
    I hope you are doing well Bunnie, I always read your posts, please continue so I know how you are doing.