To Nettie

Dearest Nettie, please you must not give up hope. Not ever. There is a former patient at USC where my husband gets his treatments who was diagnosed with extremely advanced bladder cancer 18 years ago and they estimated he had about three months to was everywhere. THAT WAS 18 YEARS AGO. No, no miracle drug...just a strong, strong desire to live life. I've talked with him several times. His wife now is stage IV colon cancer and breast cancer and he's right there for her, cheering her on and you know what, she's hanging in there...has been for well over three years.

If that don't get you, how about this one. A very dear and personal friend of mine, long before I knew her, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They didn't even expect her to survive the operation and when she did, it was just basically to open her up, remove all that they could, and close her....treatments were lousy in those days (early 1970's) and again, she wasn't expected to survive very long. She's here today doing just fine. Never even had a recurrence, nothing!!!!!

So ask yourself Nettie, why not me too!!!!! Hang tough girl. No one knows what's around the next corner. You have strong faith right, so remember, the Lord helps those that help themselves. Giving up is not helping yourself. By all means, you have every right to be depressed and down in the dumps but please, don't stay there. Life is up here, not in the dumps.

A megga big hug for you that I wish I could deliver in person,


  • andreae
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    Dearest Nettie, I am so sorry about the news. My heart goes out to you and, while I understand, cannot imagine your fear. But I will join Monika and pick up some pom poms (what do you expect, I'm a blonde!). Where there is life, there is hope. So long as you are breathing, there is hope. Don't fret too much about your doctor's reference to your children and doing special things. When I consulted my oncologist after the metastasis was discovered, he immediately told me to "do whatever I want". Of course, I didn't want to hear that because it implies that the end is near, but I think he was simply being honest. We really don't know what's going to happen, especially with metastatic cancer. We can hope and fight, but who knows how it'll all turn out. I guess the doctors don't want us to have any regrets. But lets not forget, even before cancer, we never knew when saying good-bye to a loved one if it would be the last. Cancer just makes it so real. Of course you should enjoy your time but not because of any supposed death sentence. As Monika said, miracles happen. There are stories of cancer patients with metastatic cancer who live for literally decades and no one knows why. Hang in there and know that we are all thinking of you and praying hard.

    Be well.

    Lots of love,
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    Dear Nettie, I understand your pain and fear, I to have a metastasis which is in my liver. You must go on never give up hope try as many options out there for you. You must stay positive, give it to the Lord. He has brought you this far and he will carry you the rest of the way. I will keep you in my Prayers. Please keep us posted. This is the best place to vent no matter what its, what time of day some one is always here to give a helping hand. Montiel