sleeping probs

pickles123 Member Posts: 47
Every since I started chemo ( I finished 7 months ago) I can't sleep. I feel really tired but not at night. I do very relaxing activites before bedtime. Is it the steriods? I don't think it is stress and I am very active during the day. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do about it?


  • KathySue1955
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    My son is on ESHAP and says he has trouble sleeping, especially for several nights after he has had chemo. He does think it is the steroids, and his doc agrees. Are you still on steroids though? If not, you'd think they'd be out of your body by now.

    My son's girlfriend swears by melatonin tea. My son's onc said it is safe for him to use too, but he hasn't tried it yet.
  • dpomroy
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    Steroids did that to me too. I resorted to Ambien to help me sleep.
  • pickles123
    pickles123 Member Posts: 47
    Drameth, how long did you take sleeping pills for? The doc gave me a perscription. My doc said not to take melatonin but i dont think he really wants me on anything wants me to practice good sleep hygiene going to bed at the same time etc...