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I was diagnosed in 2/03 psa of 14 and Gleason score of 9. Had rp in 4/03, but psa never went to 0 and started doubling every 3 weeks. Had radiation starting in 8/03 and started Zoladex, too. PSA went to .006 and has stayed there for now. Had sling surgery in 3/04 to try to correct major stress/urge incontinence. Had sling removed in 8/04 due to chronic infections (and it had come loose.)
OK...enough history. Here's my question. I've been very anemic for the past few months. Low hemoglobin, hemocrit and virtually no iron. I've had blood transfusions and iron infusions, plus B12 shots, but nothing lasts very long. I'm told pc, radiation and hormone therapy can all cause anemia, but, apparently not to this extent. Anybody out there with any thoughts or info?


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    I had psa of 23 and Gleason 9 followed by 8 weeks of radiation and chemical castration, (lupron). Like you my psa never went to 0 and is up to 1.0 now and I am very tired most of the time with pain if I try to do much walking etc. I'm surprised they put you through what was a needless surgery as you had to get rads after. Those scores generally dont respond to surgery as the cancer has already spread normally if your Gleason is at 9 or 10. Ive not had insurance for a year but should have it again in a couple months when I am supposed to take more hormones and chemo. I'm not sure what to do for the fatigue except rest more and try to enjoy the days as they come. Best wishes as I know you are concerned about what your life is going to be like from now on.
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    my husband has anemia since he started rad in 12/03 and chemo in 5/04. they say it is from the cancer it self and it has spread to the bones. they say when the cancer cells brakes and die they leak blood very little but enought of them and you may have a problem. my husband is on procrit inj. it keeps him some what stable but he had to have 2 infusions of blood. they can not find where it is coming from but know it is common with cancer. hang in there and ask about the procrit it may help you. stay strong and hang in.