Ahhhh, it's good to be done!

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Newly released breast cancer survivors take notice....it is possible to feel great right after you're done with treatments! I just kept reading posts that were of people up to a year out of treatment that still weren't feeling "normal". That scared me. So, I'm here to say it also can go much better! I finished radiation on 8/25, chemo on 6/15 (I'm on tamoxifen now), and I haven't felt this great in a long, long time! I wake up refreshed and not tired like I did before my diagnosis! I have more energy than I know what to do with! I'm back to triathlons, instructing all of my step and spin classes, etc. I'll be riding 112 miles on a bike in an Ironman on 9/25 with 2 other teammates who will do the swim and the run. I'm not telling this to brag, I'm telling the breast cancer survivors in treatment that there is hope! Life after breast cancer can be just awesome!
Keep active, keep positive, and "Livestrong"!!
Good luck to you all!
Love ya,


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    That is SOOO awesome!!! I am very happy to hear of this!... You are an inspiration to all the women that have cancer! (And young men such as myself!..hehe) God bless!
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)
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    That's great, Michelle! It is so kind of you to share this good news, I am sure many undergoing treatment will feel hope for recovery after reading your post. Keep up the good work.
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    that is great. Your posting has given me hope thanks for posting.bunnie