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I can so relate to you honey. I am post treatments since March have finished everything except reconstruction and historectomy which is for preventative. I had a double mastectomy and now I have to have the historectomy first b4 I can get boobs because my grandmother on moms side had the breast cancer then died from ovarion cancer now that I have had a pap and blood test at my OB they have called for me to call them concerning test results. Sorry but that has scared the hell outta me. And I was like you not going to the doctors and all in fear of cancer returning. Now that I have started going back then this happens. But I know God has not brought me this far to drop me now. So I tell you the same. You are still here for a reason and dont dwell on the past. I know it is hard cause we are not perfect we are human and we make mistakes. But I have decided to live like everyday is my last. All the things I have wanted to do I am trying to do. I am not people pleasing anymore and I am living today like I want to and not caring what anyone thinks anymore. I am pleasing me today. I am actually having a good time doing this too. I do get down in the dumps sometimes but I pull up my boot straps and get myself out of it whatever it takes. I try and help less fortunate people as well that makes me feel good to. I spend lots of time with my kids. And to top it off I have a wonderful new boyfriend who loves me and we are having so much fun together. He is very supportive as well. So try doing something good for yourself cause you deserve it. And remember you are here for a reason, you are needed, I need you, what you shared has helped me. And if anyone hasnt told you they love you today, well I love you and you keep on keepin on honey. You can email me at [email protected] if you want ok. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings Love Leslie