Post Radical Prostectomy Problems

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About a year and a half ago, I had a RP. The doctor indicated that the nerve bundles were spared. After the surgery, I had problems urinating and the Dr. stretched the bladder neck. I still have problems with leakage--esp when lifting or physical stress. The Dr. suggested a collagen procedure to tighten the bladder neck but his nurse cautioned me about it not being permanent and with side effects. I also have not been able to achieve an erection without using Muse (painful and not a good erection). Although I'm grateful that I'm currently cancer free, I'm extremely frustrated about both conditions. Does anyone know of possible solutions to either or both problems. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.


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    There is an implant for post RP stress incontinence called, I think, an ISM800. A small pump, located in the scrotum, opens a normally-closed constrictor around the urethra.