What is happening at this stage of healing after RP?

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My husband is just 2 weeks out of radical prostatectomy and experiencing incontinence, finding it frustrating but not letting it limit him too much (he doesn't feel up to much yet, anyway.) I read in some responses on this site that part of what is happening now is healing to muscles and tissues that effect urinary control. Can someone clarify what those tissues and muscles are, and how they work? I think knowing this would help him as he keeps thinking there must be something more he himself can do. (He does the Kegel exercises-- even though his doctor said he doesn't have much faith in them.) He is continent all night, though wears padded briefs just to be safe. But he "leaks" all day and always when arising from a seated position. (He wears a pad during the day.)


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    Congratulations to your husband for having his surgery. Has he had his catheter removed yet? As for the benefit of the kegel exercise, I strongly believe the training of muscles to perform the retriction of the flow, that are new to that function, is extremely important.

    I wonder if the Dr. has had the surgery he performed on your husband? Please tell your husband that this "training" of the muscles does not happen overnite. It may take some time. Prior to my surgery, I performed the exercises very frequently, driving the car, walking, standing, anytime I would think of it. Subsequently, I now have no leakage, only a dribble now and then after sitting on the commode.

    If you or your husband would like to communicate with me without posting it on this page, my e-mail is listed in my profile. Just click on my name and you should go to my profile.

    Good luck and know our thoughts and prayers are with you both during this healing process.

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    I had the RP process in late Jan of 04. Cath in for 3 weeks and it took a while for things to settle down after that. Main thing is not to be in a hurry and expect to be back to normal within a few days. The nights are better first, and then the days come along. I found that I would have some good days and bad days as tiime went along, but the good overtakes the bad. I still wear a pad during the day cuz now and then I will be working in some odd postion and have a tiny problem. Also have a similiar problem now and then, same as the gentleman in your first reply. I just remember that I did not get PC overnight and it will take a while to get over its effects. I beat it, and I still have my life and family. Any side effects of the surgery are minor to what could have been. Best wishes to your husband and yourself. Please don't be in a hurry.
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    I had the RP in January of 04. Things were dicey
    at first but do the Kegels. They work. I am now
    confident but careful! Best wishes!
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    Remember that every aspect of this process improves with time. Since you posted on 9/8 things have probably improved significantly for your husband. If not, be patient and definitely continue to do the kegels. My RP surgery was on 2-10-03 and within 4-6 weeks I had good control with few accidents. Within a few months I was able to hike and mountain bike with no problems. The only difference I notice now is that I can't go as long between visits to the bathroom but still can make it through the night, etc. and several hours during the day at work, etc.
    A positive mental attitude and prayer will get you through this. There will come a time when you'll go several hours, and then several days without thinking about PC or its side effects. It's a real test of faith, but you'll get through it, together.

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    I had RP over a year ago. I had slight complications which meant I had to keep a cathader in for seven weeks. After removal of the cathader, I did the Kegels faithfully. My doctor didn't discuss how often or how many. I decided to do them three times a day for five minutes each set. I made sure I did at least one set standing up. After one month, I threw away the pads and have never needed one since. I still do Kegels once in a while. The idea is to make the muscle which wasn't removed stronger. Like any other muscle, it needs to be worked to remain strong.
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    I had robotic RP 11/22, removed catheter 11/30. And am leaking just like your husband. Kegels probly do more for the fast-twitch muscles (mid-stream cutoff) than for the slow-twitch (normal hold), but they can't hurt, and at least he'll feel like he's doing something.