metal rod in femor

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has anyone had to have a titanium rod inserted in femor bome after having a liposarcoma removed and radiation therapy? my daughter has been advised to have this procedure done. i have yet to find anyone else that has had this done because the rads made her bone brittle and dr. says she could shatter her leg in several places that would be very hard to repair. with no insurance had to take out a loan for the surgery and wonder if this is this necessary. i know that sounds awful.
even a 2nd opinion says yes, if it is true then i will take out a 2nd. thanks


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    my dad had a rod put in to support his femur. They too said he needed this due to the radiation causing weakened bones. He had the majority of his thigh muscle taken out, so he's happy having the rod to support him. Best of luck to you and your daughter. :)